Petzl is a French manufacturer of climbing gear, caving gear, work-at-height equipment, and headlamps based in Crolles (near Grenoble), France. The company was created by the cave explorer Fernand Petzl in the mid-1970s. Their three specialties are:

  • Vertical sports: equipment for mountaineering, climbing, caving, etc.

  • Work at height and rescue: solutions for progression and safety in difficult-access worksites and in technical rescue.

  • Headlamps/head torches that provide hands free lighting.


Climbing Technology

The Italian mountain sports company Climbing Technology combines the safety and functionality of its products with the motto "Keep it simple". The products which are mainly produced in Bergamo extend our portfolio in the categories carabiners and transport.

The products made by Climbing Technology are solid examples of Italian experience in the design and manufacture of the highest quality Personal Protective Equipmant, designed for use in all vertical disciplines: in the mountains (mountaineering and sport climbing), in a professional environment (working at height, working on a rope, rescue) and in a recreational environment(via ferrata and adventure parks). The specialized diversification and constant research of new materials and new processing techniques are essential for reaching the new goals: they allow us to create devices that meet the most advanced technical and sporting requirements.


Heartbeat are clothes made 100% in Europe, in Lodz – a city with textile traditions, made of Polish materials.

Heartbeat are climbing clothes, but not only… It’s also choice for fans of all kinds of outdoor activities: from slackline to bikes to running.

Clothes for active people who engage in activities not necessarily associated with the mountains: from yoga through fitness and crossfit to parkour.

Heartbeat is

  • functional form;

  • maximum comfort;

  • high-quality products made of high-quality materials;

  • interesting designs, innovative cuts;

  • vibrant colors, bold style.


VI.6+ is a climbing gear brand with amazing quality and innovative design in affordable prices. Mission of the company is to give outdoor lovers the best and the most functional accessories and equipment.

With prices that will not give You a heart attack You will be able to realise Your travelling and climbing goals. This equipment will satisfy beginners as well as advanced climbers!



Lhotse is a Polish Brand specialized in making climbing equipment of all disciplines from alpinism and mountaineering to sport climbing. Company was established in 1991 and its founder was Janusz Nabrdalik: climber, alpinist and whats important devoted mountain lover who participated in many himalaist expeditions. 

During its 30 years of existence, Lhotse products became worldwide known equipment respected  for its reliability and super old skull design. Mostly in United States and Canada. Highest quality products and subcomponents are the most important for Lhotse and this is what brings them more and more satisfied customers every day.