Climbing Harness Lhotse Zenith

Climbing Harness Lhotse Zenith

Zenith from Lhotse is superlight sport climbing harness perfect for both rock climbing and indoor climbing sessions.

Its equipped with one adjustment point at waist known as double-back buckle which is ease to control and adjust.  Highest quality materials makes this harness weather resistant and thanks to triple laminate (being  connection of solid outer material, soft foam and antibacterial fabric) Zenith is extra comfortable and has great moisture managment. 

Zenith has 4 solid gear loops.

Polyamide used in production strenghten connection between waist loop and buckle belt.

Sizes as described in the picture.

  • Care instructions

    Always control these before climbing:

    • every loop of the harness
    • every buckle
    • condition of sews
    • monitor for damages
    • wear it, check it, adjust i

    To extend life of the harness avoid its contact with dangerous chemicals, sharp edges, extreme temperatures and constant falls of high fall factor.

    Harnesses can be machined washed but try handwashing first. If machine washing, use only the 'gentle' cycle WITHOUT spin. Do NOT use detergents or other solvents such as bleach or degreaser. Use ONLY mild soaps such as a face or body soap.