Lhotse 16mm Polyamide/Nylon Sling Loop

Lhotse 16mm Polyamide/Nylon Sling Loop

Polyamide(Nylon) is more elastic than polyethylene (Dyneema) and can therefore absorb more energy. Slings made from polyamide are cheaper than Dyneema slings and have the advantage: of being wider. This is an advantage because the polyamide slings used on ground level, can guarantee safety whilst your brain is thinking of all imaginable life-sustaining measures in a dizzying height… a not to be underestimated fact on exposed multipitch routes.

It has greater shock absorbsion, is less expensive and has a higher melting point than Dyneema.

Available in different sizes and colours.

40cm Orange

60cm Green

120cm Blue

If You are choosing between Nylon and Dyneema then go to our blog and read about pros and cons of both.



Lenght: 40/60/120cm

Width: 16mm

Strenght: 22kN


Standard CE1019 Certification


  • Care instructions

    The safety loop may only be used by a person who has undergone training or is under the care of a person with training. Climbing, zip-line, rescue, mountain hiking are dangerous and can lead to injury or death. It is your responsibility to learn the right techniques. You are fully responsible for any damage or injuries caused by improper use of the equipment. 

    In order to increase the durability and life of the loops, handle it carefully, avoid rubbing against sharp and rough surfaces. If the loops are wet or icy, dry them in a warm, dark place. Before each use of the loops, its condition should be checked for defects resulting from normal use, e.g. tears or damaged seams. In case of serious fall (with fall factor higher then 1) while using a dynamic rope the loop should not be used anymore as it may suffer from invisible internal damage that reduces its strength and safety.

    The normal lifetime of this loop is 5 years, however intensive use or visible damage should be a reason to withdraw such a loop from use. With intensive climbing after 6 months or with normal use after about 12 months or after 3 years with occasional use of the loops, it is recommended to replace it.

    Dirty loops can be washed by hand or in a washing machine at 30 Celsius degrees , using a detergent for delicate fabrics, then rinsed in cool water and dried in a dark and warm place. Loops can be disinfected, please do so using a disinfectant for polyamide materials. All chemicals and solvents can be dangerous to the loops. It is recommended to store and use at a temperature between +80C to -40C degrees. Do not expose loops to direct sunlight or other heat sources.

    The loop strength is 22kN. The product has a 5-year warranty from the date of sale and covers hidden defects in terms of material and production. The warranty is limited by: normal wear and tear, own modifications to the product and damage caused by improper use. Lhotse cannot be responsible for any direct or indirect consequences of accidents resulting from the use of its products. The product meets the standards related to the effect of moisture and icing, as well as the appropriate strength of the joining seams, in accordance with the European Standard EN566.